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Firstly congratulations! The journey to your Ethical Wedding Ceremony is best parts exciting and some parts stressful – your wedding day should be fun and full of love – that’s where we come in.

As Ethical Celebrants we offer unique ethical weddings, created with the greatest attention and care.  Each ceremony is a love letter to the couple’s journey together, with their love story at its heart.  Starting with a blank page, the possibilities are endless and the only limitation is your imagination!

Please note IECS Celebrants do not have solemnising status in relation to marriages.  This is because we have made a choice in line with other EU countries as we do not wish to be affiliated exclusively with religious or secular groups. This leaves us open to provide a truly unique service. You can find all of the information here on the HSE requirements to make your marriage legal in Ireland.

The Irish Ethical Celebrants Society Wedding Ceremonies
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We offer an array of ceremony enhancements/rituals to really personalise your Ethical Wedding Ceremony. Examples of some of the most popular rituals are listed below:

Handfasting Irish Wedding Tradition


Otherwise referred to as ‘Tying the Knot’, Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual. Two people’s hands are tied together to symbolize the binding.

Lighting of Candle Ceremony Wedding

Candle Ritual

A unity candle ritual involves two slender candles and a large centre candle. As you and your partner light the large candle you symbolize coming together as one.

Sand Ceremony Wedding Tradition

Sand Ritual

A sand ritual is a unique way to symbolize two lives becoming one. The joining of two or more coloured sands represents two peoples unifying their lives.

Love Letter Wedding Tradition

Love letter

Another beautiful ritual is writing a love letter to be locked away for safe keeping, to be opened if the marriage was ever feeling rough or on an anniversary.

Wishing Stone Wedding Tradition

Wishing Stones

Wishing Stone Ceremony is a great way to involve guests of a small wedding. Guests will write wishes on the stones to the couples which can be kept away for safekeeping or opened on the day.

Tree Planting Wedding Tradition

Tree Planting

Tree Planting Ritual serves as a visual representation of the growth of your relationship. It is a very special and unique ritual.