Welcome to the Irish Ethical Celebrants Society

As Ireland’s largest professional celebrant society the IECS is a self-governing, inclusive, caring community providing a home to those who seek an ethical, compassionate philosophy of life irrespective of belief systems.


As Ethical Celebrants, we celebrate all of life’s milestones – births, wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, coming of age ceremonies and end of life celebrations (civil funerals).  We are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to help our clients celebrate life, love and loss.  Ethical Celebrants provide a modern approach to traditional ceremonies, while always respecting the importance of ritual and ceremony in Irish culture.


Please note IECS Celebrants do not have solemnising status in relation to marriages.  This is a choice we have made in line with other EU countries as we do not wish to be affiliated exclusively with religious or secular groups. This leaves us open to provide a truly unique service. You can find all of the information here on the HSE requirements to make your marriage legal in Ireland.

Mission & Vision

To facilitate individuals to celebrate key life events in an inclusive manner, regardless of their gender, orientation, ability, religion, and/or cultural beliefs. The Irish Ethical Celebrant Society is Ireland’s national professional association for ethical celebrants which promotes a culture of excellence and community amongst its members.


The guiding values of the Irish Ethical Celebrant Society which drive our behaviours and decisions are based upon equality, respect, openness and clarity. We embrace a culture of excellence and offer a bespoke service in response to the needs of a modern Irish society.


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Wedding & Commitment

Vow Renewals

Milestone Ceremonies



Our objective is to create, nurture and inspire ethical communities to celebrate life’s rituals in a way that is democratic, compassionate, just and sustainable.


The Irish Ethical Celebrant Society aims to create, nurture, and inspire ethical communities to foster a world that is democratic, compassionate, just, and sustainable. We are a secular and non-theistic organisation that embraces the diversity of our membership and focuses on human goodness and building ethical relationships with each other.

We recognise the unique worth and dignity of all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, level of ability, or religious beliefs.

We advocate for reason, compassion, and rational thinking so we can progress as individuals, communities, and a world.

We act to elicit the best in others and thereby in ourselves, celebrating with and supporting each other through life.

We realise the full capacity of our human spirit when we stimulate our thinking with new insights and inspirations.

To ensure the highest quality and professionalism of our celebrants, members of the Irish Ethical Celebrants Society receive continuous training and support.  Only celebrants who carry the IECS logo are members of the Irish Ethical Celebrants Society.


Please check with your celebrant for confirmation they are a member or contact the Society at hello@iecs.ie