What is an Ethical Celebrant?

Ethical celebrants for alternative ceremonies

What is an Ethical Celebrant?

Who are we and what do we do? 

Simply put, an “ethical celebrant” is a celebrant who is not exclusively affiliated with any religious or secular group. As ethical celebrants, we are therefore free to create a ceremony that is entirely unique in that it can be entirely multi-faceted in keeping in line with the client’s beliefs and wishes.

What does this mean for someone using an ethical celebrant?

If you’ve chosen or are thinking about choosing an ethical celebrant, our status as independent celebrants is really good news! It means that when it comes to planning your wedding, vow renewal, naming ceremony or funeral, you are free to have a ceremony which is truly reflective of you and/or your loved one. For example, you may not consider yourself to be a very religious person but you may have a fondness for a particular passage or reading. By using an ethical celebrant, you are free to use that passage. Likewise, if you have a particular love of a passage in your favourite novel, that can be included too! By using an ethical celebrant, the possibilities really are endless!

How can an ethical celebrant exceed your expectations?

In many, many ways! Let’s start with location – because you will be conducting the legal part of your ceremony separately (click here to learn more) you are free from any restrictions imposed by external officiating bodies such as, for example, the HSE. This means that you are free to have your wedding almost anywhere you wish. 

Secondly, we are available to conduct your wedding, vow renewal, naming ceremony or funeral seven days a week and can be more flexible with the time of day too.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll find no ‘one size fits all’ ceremonies here! We work closely with you to create an entirely bespoke and unique ceremony that has YOU written all over it. Wow your guests with the romantic love story of how you met, your first kiss and the big proposal! 

Ethical ceremonies – always to the highest standard

Our ethical celebrants are committed to conducting your ceremony in a professional, courteous and respectful manner. We promise to our clients a ceremony that is full of warmth and love and is also respectful of their religious, spiritual or social beliefs. In the IECS, you’ll find a celebrant who is trained to an optimum standard, is fully licenced and insured. 

How do I book an ethical celebrant? 

Easy! Have a look through our directory to find a celebrant in your area, get in touch with us via our Facebook page or simply drop us a line at hello@iecs.ie

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to plan the perfect ceremony for YOU.

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