The Irish Ethical Celebrants Society march for love in Dublin

Irish Ethical Celebrant Society at Pride 2019

The Irish Ethical Celebrants Society march for love in Dublin

Why is Pride important? 

As many of you will have no doubt realised, the month of June saw the annual worldwide celebration of LGBTQ Pride! The theme of this year’s Dublin parade was ‘Rainbow Revolution’ in honour of the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Widely regarded as having sparked the fire of resistance which would burn in the face of the oppression and intolerance that LGBTQ people faced, this uprising marked a major turning point in the battle for equality which continues to be fought today. 

On Saturday past, the sun was shining and some excited members of the newly founded IECS were delighted to join the Dublin parade, waving the flag for love, equality and most of all of course, for Pride. The atmosphere was carnival-like as thousands of people descended on the capital to joyously celebrate the multi-faceted qualities, colours and identities that make up the human spirit and the different ways in which we love. Our fair city, it appeared was bracing itself for a party!

There is more to Pride of course than merely party and celebration, at its core is a much more powerful objective – to keep LGBTQ people visible, to demonstrate publically that they are not a subset community but rather an integral part of THE community. On a more individualistic level, Pride is about having pride in oneself, to instil that sense of self-value and self-worth that says, I am here and I am proud of who I am and of course – who I love. What could be more inspiring that that? 

The Irish Ethical Celebrants Society (IECS) – our role in Irish society

The IECS was founded with these ideals in mind. As Ireland’s largest professional celebrant society, we understand the importance of providing an ethical and compassionate philosophy irrespective of societal or religious belief systems. We’re proud to call ourselves ethical celebrants, in that we celebrate all of life’s biggest milestones – births, wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, coming of age ceremonies and end of life celebrations (civil funerals) and do so without constraint, favour or prejudice. The core values of the Irish Ethical Celebrant Society are ones which we apply to all aspects of our work with the public – equality, respect, openness and clarity. 

In our work with couples preparing to celebrate the ceremony of marriage, we work tirelessly to ensure that the worth and dignity of that couple are advocated for and adhered to, from our first introductory meeting right through until the post-ceremony photographs. We recognise and promote the value and worth of that couple and their wishes for the formal celebration of their love, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, level of ability, or religious beliefs. 

We work on the principle that to live and love together as a progressive, free-thinking community, acceptance, equality and pride must be at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in a collaborative society free from stigma, shame or persecution. As Irish Ethical Celebrants, we looked to the example of our friends, colleagues and representatives as they took to the streets of Dublin and marched with Pride and we felt duty bound to join them. Thanks to everyone who took part!



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