How can we involve our children in our wedding ceremony?

family sand ceremony at a wedding

How can we involve our children in our wedding ceremony?

How can we involve our children in our wedding ceremony?

This is a question we get asked every day and being honest, it is one of our favourite! That’s because it is one of the easiest to answer.

The days of children being left at home while their parents head off to get married are thankfully long gone. Children are the embodiment of the love shared by a couple. For many couples, a wedding ceremony represents not only the pledging of commitment to each other but also to their children. Some couples view their wedding day as the day their family unit will be solidified. Of course children should be front and centre of such a momentous occasion! Our Celebrants can help guide you towards the best way to involve your children in your ceremony. We’ve included some of the most popular ways here:

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony is a wonderfully endearing and straightforward way to include children in your ceremony. The general idea is that each member of the family is given a container filled with sand. They then take turns or simultaneously pour their sand into one container – symbolising beautifully the coming together of this new family. The sand ceremony appeals to many couples due to its simplicity which makes it easier for very young children to participate.

Ribbon Ceremony

Again, beautifully simplistic but bursting with symbolism, the coming together of this new family unit can be represented by the presentation of ribbons. This is also a lovely way to involve the wider family circle: grandparents, aunties and uncles and cousins come to the front and lay their ribbon down upon the joined hands of the couple and their child(ren). As with the sand ceremony, the appeal of this is in how easy it is accomplished and that your guests can see what is happening and understand the ritual.

Candle Lighting

Perhaps more suited to older children, the candle ceremony is nonetheless another great opportunity to involve kids. Candles are lit for each individual member of the family who subsequently ignite a larger unity candle using the same flames.


Including your children in your vows can be a deeply touching and memorable experience for you and your partner and for everyone present. Older children may be confident enough to read a longer passage while for young children, a smaller section may be challenge enough and their determined efforts to accomplish the task is often simply adorable.

These are just some of the very many ways you can involve your children in your ceremony. As IECS celebrants, we are able to adapt and alter these rituals to suit your unique family and your individual wishes. Talk to an IECS Celebrant about how you can incorporate your children into your ceremony today!

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