Funerals and traditions have changed greatly in Ireland in recent years. As we move into a more secular society people have altered their thinking of the way they wish to have their funeral ceremony conducted. People can choose many ways to celebrate their funeral in a style that is befitting to their life and their beliefs. As Ethical Funeral Celebrants we offer bespoke, professional ceremonies, created with the greatest attention and care.


IECS Celebrants are accredited members, who will meet with a person ahead of their funeral, or their family, to arrange a meaningful ceremony or celebration reflecting a style and tone appropriate to the deceased and their family. The celebrant supports the family by crafting the ceremony and leads the ceremony on the day. A civil funeral generally includes contributions from a celebrant followed, family members or from close friends about the departed person, with readings, poetry, and music.


The length of the service is decided by the family with the Funeral Director. Similarly the funeral venue or location can be conducted in a place of your choosing, which again will be agreed with your Funeral Director.

We offer a wide range of ceremony services explained as follows.


Civil Funeral

A civil funeral is a funeral is non-secular and is not conducted in a church. Civil funerals are usually held in a crematorium, hotel, and funeral home or at home. The funeral director may recommend a civil celebrant or you can choose your own. The celebrant will meet with the funeral party, assist with crafting the ceremony, writing the life tribute and delivering the ceremony. A draft of the ceremony is sent to the family for approval in advance of the funeral. The family can have as much involvement as they desire. If they do not wish to speak on the day the celebrant can deliver the full ceremony on their behalf. The key element in a civil celebration is that the ceremony is centred on the needs of the family.


Child Funeral

For children are born sleeping and children who pass away before they reach adulthood we understand what a difficult and distressing time this is for your whole family. Our role as your celebrant is to honour the memory of your child in a dignified and respectful ceremony that is inclusive in its delivery to your family, friends and especially to siblings and children who may be present at the ceremony. For the babies who were born sleeping, or passed away shortly after they were born we can compose a ceremony to introduce your child to the world and celebrate the joy your baby brought to your life.


Scattering of Ashes / Graveside Ceremony

Similar in its nature to a civil funeral your celebrant can provide a full ceremony or a shortened ceremony with a reflection/poetry, life tribute or both. The length of the ceremony is often based on any previous ceremonies that may have been conducted. Where no previous ceremony has been held a longer ceremony is often preferred.



When a loved one dies abroad or is being repatriated to their homeland often family and friends cannot travel to the funeral. It is now frequent occurrence for a memorial ceremony to be held. The memorial can be held at a similar time to the funeral, one month after the person has passed away or on the anniversary of the death. The memorial can be conducted in a similar way to the civil funeral however they are often more relaxed ceremonies especially if they are conducted one to twelve months after the passing of a loved one.


Funeral Planning

Many people like to plan their own funeral as they wish to remove the stress on family who may be wondering what their wishes were. In funeral planning we meet with the client and talk through all aspects of the funeral including readings, poetry, prayers and music they would like to include. We also discuss any aspects of their lives they’d like to include in the tribute and if there is anything they specifically do not wish to include. The planning consultation takes between one and two hours but can be reduced if required, especially for clients who are in poor health. A draft of the ceremony will be delivered to the client or their representative for their approval in advance of the ceremony.

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